I am Azaria Menezes- Creator and owner of breathe love, earth. I am a

mother, writer, breath enthusiast and love-encouraging earthling. My

passions run deep to forever expand my studies of Yoga, breath and Tantra

so I can find ways to access, empower and share more of this bliss with



My intention is to be able to create a safe space in order for you to unfold

to your fullest potential .I want to support you in your journey to opening

your doors to a life full of creativity, healing and bliss through a holistic



Allow me to accompany you into the magic your fire holds.

Breathe love earth was born by a simple gesture of slowing down and

digging into what I felt are some important steps to inquiring with in.

Breath focuses on breath. Connecting breath with movement, focusing

inward and slowing down. Allow the breath to guide you into opening your

body with breath work.


Love focuses on connecting and nourishing our temple (body). There are

so many ways to nurture and feed our inner fire. Everyone has a different

approach and connection to their body. Let me support you in your path to

bringing the body back to balance through holistic wellness work or

workshops that allow space to you finding and (re)connecting to your inner



Earth focuses on yoga and movement! Grounding and guiding the body

back to balance .So the big theme here is moving into stillness; this is

where all the magic begins! Join me for a yoga class and allow me to guide you on your journey

towards a happier and healthier you!