I’ve lived my whole life being active and exercising. I didn’t exercise because I thought it was something that would better my life but because I really enjoyed it. My positive outlook towards exercise opened many doors and I found myself interested in bodybuilding. It was fascinating to see what I could get my body to do. How strong could I really become? How much muscle can I gain? How mentally strong am I? All of these questions made me work harder, push harder and become stronger.

 I went to Okanagan College to expand my knowledge of the human body and health. Understanding how the body works, how it craves exercise, craves activity, craves a healthy balance of nutrition and exercise was fascinating. I wanted to share my knowledge with others but knew that being a part of a generic gym wasn’t for me. I wanted to offer something personable, something friendly and non-intimidating, something like Crown West Fitness.

 The fast pace world we live in makes it harder and harder for a healthy balanced lifestyle. I want to help people prioritize and make fitness a functional part of their day. Fitness does not have to be something extreme, such as bodybuilding, or defined by what others do. Fitness has to be customized and can be as simple as taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. I want to help you learn what fitness is to you and help you achieve a happier, healthier and fuller life.